Bye Brass

Here we are, two whole years after the launch of our product line, Brass Collective. Brass was created with the intention of providing people with a space to shop for their homes from the comfort of their own homes. From textiles, to furniture, decor, and more, our product line is full of pieces that will elevate your space. Our entire collection has been curated by our team of design professionals and includes many pieces we’ve used in our own studio projects. 

Now that we’ve settled into our new space in St Peter, MN, we’re making changes. The Brass brand served its purpose - giving our new product line its moment to shine, but it’s time to say “goodbye”. It was with the move to our new space last summer, and opened the doors to our first store, that we quickly realized we had outgrown it. It’s simple; black and white in fact. We have a shop - and we have a studio. Our Shop is a brick and mortar store open to the public - and our Studio is an office and creative space for the design services we provide. It was crystal clear from the day we moved in that this was the new brand path we would follow. 

As you visit our Shop or navigate our brand new website, you will quickly discover that our new branding seamlessly incorporates our Shop & Studio into one cohesive concept. The change was inevitable, and we are thrilled to see it all come together.